Hello Malaysia and World,

I have been providing SRT clearing and healing work from since 2010 and currently, I feel that I am in the lowest of ever states. From before Covid became pandemic, I had only worked with 1 to 2 client per year from receiving payments. I have still continued on doing energy clearing and healing work at random on groups of people. hospitals, the world and some other situations discreetly due to shyness of sharing what I did hence I didn’t get paid. I have also done some SRT work for Covid to be reduced – no payments.

I had been led to find out from months ago that there have been more than 20 people who have been so evil in hurting/harming me greatly with distant psychic attacks for more than 20 years. They didn’t spare my closest family members either. I don’t know know all of them. I have suffered in health, materially, in friendships and without a long meaningful right love life due to their spread lies, greed, cruelty, egos, malice and close mindedness related to a man I was supposed to be with. I have had 1 to 2 clients last year, no income this year and less than MYR 600+ with a lapsed insurance policy hence I would say that I am a poor woman who is completely going to be out of money soon. I am in need of funds to be able to resolve my lapsed insurance since March again, pay for my expenses, have my old car repaired, help my aging parents out with some of theirs expenses, continue with this meaningful/purposeful blessings work and to move forward.

SRT work help opens up lots of opportunity for good blessings & healing in the world as you have read some of the content I have written in my website and googled on other SRT practitioners work as well.     

I request Malaysians and many other citizens to kindly donate an amount you think is not in use as I and my family members can use that in our daily lives. I am currently in need of some money to move forward.

It would be a great help for us if you can contribute some funds in this very miser situation. I know that there are Malaysians & many other citizens who have philanthropy in their portfolio and I do look forward to getting some help from you all.

I would like to thank all of you in advance for this very kind givingness of yours. May Divine consciousness bless all always for giving to receiving any good in living.

Kind donations of USD 30 to Please drop me an email at on your donations to receive acknowledgements of receipts.

I would like to thank all of you in advance for this very kind givingness of yours. May Divine consciousness bless all of you always in your lives.

Regards, Kim Yong S.W