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In general, Spiritual Response Therapy work is much more holistic from the surface. Before making an appointment for an SRT healing session with me, it is crucial for you to spend some time reading the blog topics mentioned below. Basic and Adv SRT level methods are learnt from recognised SRT Teachers from Spiritual Response Association in Washington,DC. The information given are to save time for all parties to get working on any issues, challenges, problems or difficulties that are blocking your quality of living life. If you have never been to an SRT session before, I suggest to read through to avoid asking questions as most answers could already be available in my website.

Below topics of the website containing information that are beneficial before booking for a session:

Could SRT work for me – How?

What’s in an SRT session?

Who does the work and How?

Distance Healing with SRT system


To avoid any misunderstandings or grievances:

1. Do provide in a single email with brief information about your issues, challenges, problems, difficulties faced involving individuals or circumstances. This is for my better understanding to enable helping you in the session. 

2. Every SRT sessions with me is 1 & half hours unless SPIRIT indicates otherwise. First half hour is free for sharing what is it that you have been affected by and what would you be open to for changes. Therefore, it is best for you to place therapy issues or problems via email or on a piece of paper before we meet for my knowledge. Payment is for the time schedule set but added on thereafter once the1 & half hour goes over. This means 1 session becomes 2 sessions on the same day which adds up to MYR 360. Table of payment as below.

3. If you’re the kind of person who will be doubtful or dissatisfied unless you are absolutely guaranteed of proof for a specific outcome preferred, please seek help elsewhere.

4. If there’s judgement that I am not good enough to help & support you be much better off, appreciate Not to drop me an email requesting for free clearing session. Please seek help elsewhere.

5. Appreciate to let go of any fear based beliefs or perceptions in keeping secrets. The intention in SRT sessions are to release, heal and unload from any these which have been burdens emotionally. All discussions in SRT session are kept private & confidential.

6. You must accept personal responsibility for own health and well-being that is not limited to SRT session. Your responsibility is to be as positive and confident as much as is possible. While I’m confident that SRT can provide great benefits, I make no claims as to the benefits you will receive. While SRT has yielded great results in “treating” spiritual, psychological emotional issues, problems or physical conditions, not everyone will benefit the same way quickly. Everyone is created unique and different. You will experience energy shifts or receive benefits in one way or another from any SRT spiritual sessions with me.

7. Please be aware that as release work is meant to free personal emotional energies and thoughts that were “unresolved issues” so maybe, just maybe there could be some issues that may arise even after clearing session or during clearing session in your body as reactions. So, this is fine and should not be a cause for fear.

8. SRT session is not full counselling session, talk therapy, touch therapy or exorcism.

9. For distance healing, all SRT session starts only after payment has been confirmed transferred. Please be aware that after receiving payments, I may not be able to start the work due to time zone differences or unforeseen circumstances but the work will be done nevertheless.

10. An appointment made but require cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances must be informed a day before or 4 hours prior appointment scheduled. I will do the same by informing a day before or 4 hours prior should any unforeseen circumstances arise.

11. Payment charges are of USD and MYR currencies. These rates have been reduced and will remain so until there is significant improvement in the global economy. Overseas clients pays in USD. Paypal is used as payment exchange point with credit card or via Money bank transfer depending on whichever is lower transfer rate.

12. Anyone staying in East or West Malaysia pays in Malaysian Ringgit, MYR. Paypal can be used as payment exchange point with credit card or via Money bank transfer depending on whichever is lower transfer rate.

13. There will be no refund of any payment should there be lack intended or desired results as you will experience energy shifts in one way or another.

Note: As I do srt energy clearing work for anyone or anything in this world to being in harmony when I have free time, any amount of donations are most welcome.

Kindly provide an active email and/or mobile number. These contact information are for SRT researching information for your reference and updates on any future promotions if any.   
Email:…..Or…..Mobile/Watsapp: 016-2201753
(From 9.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday and some Sundays if need be – Malaysia Time Zone UTC+08:00)

Transfer payment information as below:

  • Funds Transfers from overseas (Google: Foreign Telegraphic Transfer FAQs –

  • Payment transfer to (Account: 1141-9709-4848, T/T with Maybank Swift code:MBBEMYKL)

  • Cash payment via face to face appointment

  • Credit card payment via Paypal (Genesis Oneness Therapy)

Fees revision up todate as of 1st Aug’19. Fees are  for 1 hr & 30 mins slot. Exceeding this time slot, fee of the same amount are added on to client. Please prepare $180 x 2.

 Within Malaysia:      International
  $$ MYR   $$ USD
Personal clearing or for 3rd party       
Each session (about 1.5 hour or less) 180.00   45
Minimum 4 sessions + 1 at 30% discount       
Solely on clearing Property  200.00   50
(Each building owned, surrounding area and including the owner)      
For Business & all staff of company:       
(All related to company that includes office space, the   3,000.00   750
building from top to car park)      
Animal clearing 100.00   25
Each session (about 1.5 hour or less)      

 P/S – Retirees, part-time employee, on disabilities, students (ie: pre-schooler, primary until university) requiring SRT sessions could be given special rates (do enquire with me on this). Kindly refer to this website periodically for latest information on stuff to clear, free clearing projects and payment information. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Please read through the Disclaimer message and other information before deciding on an appointment.

Thank you for browsing, looking forward to hearing from you soon!