Aftermath of Relationship/Marriage with or without a child

My hope and optimism from writing this article is for helping individuals to choose letting go of sufferings that are with the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects for easier healing with SRT sessions exponentially. This content is for individuals to have either gone through a major ordeal with a spouse in a marriage, with Read More

Sessions with me & payment

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Could these images be a reflection of your thoughts and feeling at times or even now? Not only these image speak about our feelings but when there is stress in any of us, whatever is happening in the outer world could be “unconsciously” made “the cause” as stressors. Negative statements that maintains fatique and/or Stress: Read More


I am not a licensed medical professional, not a licensed SRT healing practitioner (license unrequired in M’sia) or a faith healer.  I am an SRT personal energy clearing facilitator. I do not guarantee and assure outcomes. Every session is not pendulum talking, talk therapy or exorcism session.  Please note that if you’re the kind Read More

Relationship types – Clearing karmic beliefs & energies

Credits to Caroline Myss for this beautiful quote. Relationships – be it platonic ones or romantic ones are part of living life to being having in happiness.  Each or any one of us may be carrying huge amount of unresolved karmic energic from relationships in this and/or previous lifetimes, and so by working with the Read More

Your Direction & Purpose in living, Not Suicide

Change your compass for right purpose and direction in living out life with Spiritual Response Therapy! You get in life what you have the courage & curiosity to ask for. Do these questions sound familiar to you…? I am stuck in the rut here so what is the right direction and purpose in my living life Read More

The Key to a right partner for intimate Relationship+Marriage

Are you in a relationship or marriage that isn’t working out well anymore despite many efforts made to “fix things” between each other?  Could you be feeling alone or loneliness while being with a partner who you have always regarded as she or he is the right one?  Could you be with a partner for Read More

This is specially for you!

The information in this page shared is very useful and beneficial for you to use daily or anytime at all. Great credit goes to SRA (Spiritual Response Association) founders for giving to the SRT community some of the numbers for daily usage. The below are just three power codes among a list of them 🙂  Read More

Explore Distance Healing with SRT

Distance healing to some people seemed as something of a dookie. I assure you there is nothing about using SRT system for distance healing that is a dookie (or bogus). It used to be in my experiences, some people would give me a questioning look when the words distance healing was mentioned. This was due Read More

Resolve issues & problems with SRT sessions

The information of this page is meant to support you to be open to what SRT is used to help you be more free to move forward from whatever it is that you do not like or do not want to continue experiencing. There would be some reasons for inner turmoils that have manifested externally Read More

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