Could SRT work for me – How?

Yes, SRT system works and can work for you or anybody as long as there is freedom in allowing the work to The system or SRT sessions do not work only when it is believed or perceived so. SRT sessions are with the holistic approach to release anything less than for the best and Read More

What or Who is in an SRT session and…How?

  Spiritual Response Therapy(@ SRT) are wholistic sessions being done by an SRT personal practitioner or SRT counsellor with a client. Using these 32+ charts for energy clearing and some counseling are supportive for understanding to resolve how issues & challenges or problems happened in living life towards having everything better.  SRT system of specialized Read More

Testimonials about SRT

Experiences of clients from SRT sessions with their traumas, problems & etc. (Some clients’ names have been changed due to keeping it P&C) Severe childhood traumas from some family members & psychic attacks “SRT is a life changing experience for me. I came to know about SRT unexpectedly & coincidence. For years, I’ve been trying Read More

SRT sessions in Malaysia & updates

Please be informed that I do not teach SRT system and not anytime soon. I am providing SRT energy blocks releasing and healing sessions only so far. As I had received enquiries about SRT classes via my website, email and telephone calls, kindly refer to the SRA link below related to SRT classes near you. Read More

SRT for Attitude management or Task Management

Hello there, have you wondered about the importance of energy management and Task management that stems from positive personal attitude?… Do you get tired after a day’s work from running around like a headless chicken often? Prioritising tasks can be daunting and some times, there are energetic blocks to organizing tasks in orderly manner which Read More

Your mind, body & emotions connection

Someone shared this on Facebook and thought it’d be wonderful to share this on my blog too. Credits to all who kept the sharing going. Your Mind & Body Are Not Separate. This Chart Explains It All in the link below: Credits to the above Article by Joe Martino.  What an SRT session can Read More

Magnetise & Harmonise Company business

Sometimes, the business which you have set-up by yourself, with a partner may experience teething problems before it kicks off, some ‘normal’ problems that comes with the business type and the products being offered or that unpleasant things just sort of happen to which you may not put a finger to it in order to Read More

Shared from the late founder of SRA

**Credits to SRA and SRT founder; Robert E. Detzler for providing this information in sharing about SRT to Regine Ooi (my SRT teacher and friend for sharing this online too).   Dear Readers, Clients, Spiritual Response Clearing is a very powerful process of researching and eliminating discordant programs frm this life, past lives, parallel lives, Read More

SRT clearing for building or land

Have you felt that certain section of your home makes you feel uncomfortable somehow? Have you heard stories of the “unseen entities” at your work place? Perhaps SRT session can be used to help in such matter. Note:  As time & space is illusion, long distance clearing & healing can be administered – there is Read More

Energy changes with SRT – possibilities!

Do you sense the vibrations in your body? Perhaps you can sense it straight away or otherwise – this is fine. What you can do is sit on a chair or lie down and breathe for a few minutes. Sense the pulsating vibration? This is life force energy; the vibration within! It changes too at Read More

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