To those who are very unfriendly and curbing freedom on me

If you have read through this website on all the information, you will have the impression of how I am on the brief. (You know who you are). I am no expert in writing everything on this website and I did use energy and took time to create contents to the best of my ability. There has been SRT work done (since attending classes from 2008) as it was related to personal healing for development and growth mostly I have also done SRT work on other matters related to other people who I don’t really know and this is not voyeuring from learning. I Did Not get paid but did this work anyway due from loving to help as there was giving and receiving understanding from SPIRIT/High Self Committee with abundance. So I believed. I didn’t know until days ago that I was being condemned and cursed from most good to receive for more than 1 decade by most of you!

I have in my mind to move forward into a romantic & loving relationship with a man who is very suitable for me decided by SPIRIT/all H.S Committee from 2010. However, only weeks ago I was made aware from work that I was supposed to be in a relationship of this quality since 2002 (I wasn’t aware this was also qualified divinely by all Spiritual Committee). I didn’t know until days ago that I was being condemned and cursed by many of you for more than 1 decade about this aspect of my life.

Also, I was empowered to do SRT work by my teacher to upgrade being an SRT consultant so had in mind to start a new career being an SRT consultant which I have easily applied from fulfilling the criterias by Spiritual Response Association in Washington D.C. Wasn’t easy as I didn’t had the right clients and testimony but was qualified eventually! From 2010 to 2011 (if not mistaken), I wasn’t able to continue being a Consultant as I had no clients at all after being qualified and there was a USD payment renewal payment to SRA. Until only days ago I was aware that I have been condemned and cursed by so many of you for more than 1 decade about this aspect of my life.  

Fast forward into this year, I have awareness from all Spiritual Committee including yours to mine of being condemned and cursed until I cannot pay for expenses, pay my health insurance and/or leading to my death. In my bank account todate, I am left with less than RM$750.00! I have been living with less all this time from struggling to pay my bills, not having very good people to know, not being in a loving relationship, tiredness, depression, despair and almost meaningless life for more than 1 decade! Even my parents and sibling have not been spared of being condemned and cursed by All of you!

2 years ago if not mistaken, I have also done Family Tree clearing work due to awareness of my mother’s side of family being missing of good abundance which have been affecting my mother and I. On a few occasions not very long ago, I have done more SRT work on Family Tree from personal thoughts and other information given to me by H.S Committee. Not All information is given to me by them nor do I dig for info from them! Reason I do this work of 10% mostly was so that decades of inherited/intended major curses, vows, oaths, spells and promises that causes illnesses, poverty, disorders, sufferings and untimely deaths are prevented/avoided at all cost for many people.   

I Do Not dictate anything for the work all the time as this is not right attitude and not allowed for this work. SO, what did all of you did/do to the work in replacement??

My question to all of you is “What did I, my parents and all our other family members in the Family Tree ever did to you and all your other family members that was so bad all this time in order to receive condemnations, curses and even malice?”

In all honesty about couple Mr. Vincent & Ann Lian, with Iris=Shearl, I truly have not met or known them face to face ever since I was born. Everything all of you have known from these 3 people from how and when it was shared WAS WITHOUT my consent.

About Mr.Francis Lian and all his side of family members, I truly have not met or known them face to face ever since I was born. I gather all of you have known from his youngest daughter; Bernadette and all his contacts about me and whoever I knew/know were shared information with my consent, correct? WRONG!

About the 3 sons of Ann Lian, I Truly Do Not Know all of her sons ever since they were born personally! I Truly Do Not Know Chef Sherson personally. Spoke to him once in 2016 at Hello! Cafe (Was at the cashier counter about to place my order, he had asked me how I was) then at Makhan in 2018 to let him know SRT work I do.

About my involvements on Sherson “Lian” from what you have been convinced often by some people (you know who they are), I Am Not Involved with him on his personal life & time with a woman all this time!

In relation to all of you and me, my utmost interests all this time have been to live as abundantly for my career and love life. I have always minded my own business and Not Others mentally and in my SRT work to earn a livelihood and in living life – this is Truth!!

How is it that my existence, my family members and who I know was/is your business to cause sufferings with “the work” unto (you know what I am referring to) alone or in groups being in 3 countries all this time?

“Don’t do whatever bad unto others what you do not want them to do to you or experienced by you”

Much Regards, Kim Yong S.W